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Needle Therapy

It is true! The biggest needle phobia freely opted to get acupuncture.

Verdict? Love it – totally pro acupuncture! Having the needles inserted was by no means ‘pain free’; however, it was nowhere as painful as getting an injection or blood test.  Once the needles are inserted it is a very relaxing treatment and the results are AMAZING!

Few months ago when I told my facialist in Dubai I would be spending more time in China she suggested taking advantage of the situation and to start acupuncture for my acne.  I was always hesitant and skeptical of the idea of acupuncture.  At the start of the year it got to a point that I was willing to try anything, so  I booked my first appointment and hoped for the best.  Two weeks and 6 sessions later my acne has improved by 50% and I have stopped breaking out.  Thank God I took my facialists’ advice.

Through an international women’s group I found a recommended Chinese acupuncturist who could speak English.  This was so important to me – if I am going to let someone stick needles numerous needles all over me I needed  to freely discuss the treatment and issues without a translator.

Two weeks ago I had my first session.  Once I met with the acupuncturist she asked me for a brief history of how long I have had acne, what treatments I’ve tried, checked my pulse and my tongue.  Through this she also came to the conclusion I had a hormonal imbalance and guaranteed she would be able to control and treat my problem very quickly.

Each session begins with having numerous cups of rose tea or green tea so the body gets warmed up.  Then I was led to a room and was asked to lie on the bed.  After the needle insertion (I had 1 on each leg, 3 in my head and about 20 around my face) she put two duvets over me so I wouldn’t get cold and told me to inform her if I felt any pain or discomfort.  The treatment lasts for a relaxing 40 minutes.

I have 2 treatments a week and was prescribed some incredibly vile herbs to boil and drink twice a day for 10 days. Some people benefit from just acupuncture but for my condition the treatment apparently works better if I supplement the acupuncture with the herbs.

I cannot say enough good things about the treatment.  Having the breakouts stop and seeing my face get clearer each day has been the best feeling especially since the last dermatologist I saw told me my only option is Accutane or the pill.  I would definitely go back to acupuncture for any future issues.

Have you had any experiences with acupuncture?  Would you recommend acupuncture to someone?


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