Survived the Insanity

I made it!  On Monday I finished Insanity and I have such mixed emotions.  As much as I loved it, I am happy its over.  Towards the start of month 2 I began experiencing a lot of back pain and was getting really fed up with repetition of the program and not being able to listen to what my body was in the mood for.  Hurting my back put me in a difficult situation.  Part of me just wanted to give up and the other part of me felt that I’d come so far along that I should just keep going till the end.  I decided to go with the latter however I had to modify some of the press-ups with ‘girly’ ones so I wouldn’t aggravate my back.  I also had to take an extra rest day in the last week, which really made a difference to the amount I could push myself for the last few workouts.

I am going to do a Q + A session to go through my thoughts on Insanity and how it affected me.

1.    Did my diet change through Insanity?

I have truly come to believe what you fuel yourself with is much more important that the workout you do.  If your nutrition is on track the result you see through your workout will increase dramatically.

I did not follow the Elite Nutrition plan for the full duration of Insanity.  I did however follow it for few weeks and then something would always come up, either my hormones would be all over the place and I’d given in to the chocolate / dessert cravings, I was just unprepared with my meals and end up eating out and sometimes life just happened.  As much as I wanted to dedicate the 10weeks to Insanity there has to be a line between enjoying life and being a slave to my fitness regime.  Over all though I do try to stick to 3 meals a day and 2 snacks.  I also incorporate protein in all my meals and snacks to keep me fuller for longer and as recommended in the nutrition plan.

I think if I had been more stringent with my diet and followed the recommend plan I would have seen better results.  Next time I do Insanity I will follow the nutrition plan more closely so I get the most out of the workouts.

2.    Is there a difference in my body measurements?

I wish I could answer this saying ‘I lost five pounds and five inches all over’ but I didn’t get even close.  To be fair I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose prior to starting so I cannot be too upset.

After moving to China I made a decision to give up the weighing scale.  Hence, I am not sure if I lost any weight with Insanity.  I did take my body measurements and I lost 2cm’s on my hips.  I know it’s not a lot but I was thrilled with this because it is my biggest problem area and nothing I have done has helped my hips become smaller until Insanity.

My main goals when starting Insanity was to get more toned and feel comfortable in my own skin.  I can proudly say I did achieve both these goals.  For the first time in my life I feel secure in my own skin and am happy with the reflection I see in the mirror.  I am also more toned over-all and have been getting compliments about it from Mr. Fabulous, which makes the 10 weeks all the more worthwhile.

3.    Has my fitness level changed as a result of completing Insanity?

I’ll let the fit test results speak for itself here.  I improved in every category except one (switch kicks – my absolutely worst move of them all).  I was shocked to see how many more push up jacks I could do in a minute – 22 more!  This was huge for me since this time last year I could not even bust out one full push up.

The fit test was as hard the first week as it was the last week since you’re able to push yourself harder to do more reps within the minute.  As the weeks progressed I found I was taking less breaks throughout the workouts and able to keep up with them in the video.

I am sure my endurance will be higher once I get back to my other workouts and my stamina will also have increased.  Not sure how my body is going to react to weight training though since its been over three months since I’ve lifted.  Will have to wait and see after tonights body pump session.


                                                FIT TEST 1                        FIT TEST 5

SWITCH KICKS                        69                                    67

POWER JACKS                         53                                    57

POWER KNEES                        80                                   94           

POWER JUMPS                        31                                    42

GLOBE JUMPS                           9                                    12

SUICIDE JUMPS                       15                                    18

PUSH UP JACKS                       19                                    41

LOW PLANK OBLIQUE           37                                    55


4.    Where do I go now with my exercise routine and will Insanity feature?

YES! Insanity will definitely make a weekly feature in my workout routine, however; for the time being I want to take it a bit easier and do whatever my body craves.  My body needs a little break after pounding it for 10 weeks straight but that doesn’t mean I wont be working out.  I have missed weight training so I will be adding 2-3 weight sessions back mostly in the form of body pump.  I will also be doing some sort of cardio 2-3 times a week either in the form of HIIT runs or a workout DVD.

I don’t have a plan yet what I am going to be doing next.  I am contemplating Body For Life or 10 pound Slimdown Xtreme but I don’t want to make the commitment just as yet.  I’ve heard such great things about both these programs so I know both will be a good choice but for the next few weeks I am going with the flow and do whatever feels right.

5.    What have I gained from Insanity

  • I CAN DO ANYTHING!  Quick background – 16 years ago when I joint my first boarding school in England I had to participate in a race, ‘the Carson Cup’ on Sports Day.  All students between the ages of 11-13 participated and it took place in front of the whole student body, all our parents and staff.  To my embarrassment I came last.  Yes, I was that chubby girl who came last.  As I crossed the finish line I remember the tears of shame that started rolling down my cheeks.  I knew I was not a sporty kid but to finish last in front of my elder brother was the most embarrassing thing I could ever experience.  Today, 16 years later I am proud to say I have completed ‘the hardest fitness program to be put on DVD’.  Did I ever think I could or even would want to do such a thing? No chance!  Just shows anyone can achieve anything they put their mind to.
  • ALL YOU NEED IS 60 MINUTES for a great workout.  Insanity showed me that there are really no excuses not to workout.  In less than 60 minutes I was able to complete a full body workout and all I needed were my laptop, DVD and trainers.  Even during the 10-week program when I was away for the weekend I could complete the workouts in my hotel room.  Another reason I love Insanity, you need no equipment just yourself and the DVD.

So there you go, that’s my 10 week Insanity re-cap.  It was an amazing experience for me to prove just how far I can push myself and what I can achieve if I am determined.   As much as I am glad it is over I already miss having a pre-defined workout schedule where I can just put the DVD on and get going.  I will surely repeat this program within the year but for now I am looking forward to re-introducing old favorites like Body Pump.



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2 responses to “Survived the Insanity

  1. Hansa

    Congrats on sticking thru what seems like one tough programme. It must be fantastic for your mind and body. From your Carson cup experience you have proved that anything is possible. Well done!!

  2. Thanks for this post! Your Q&A is really helpful. I have often contemplated about whether or not I should do a program like Insanity or P90x. I think at some point in the future when I have more time to dedicate, I definitely will. Glad you got the results you were looking for!

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