Getting Older

I hope everyone is doing fantastic!  I know, I’ve been terrible at sticking to my new year’s resolution for posting more often but I am going to try to change that from now.

Three weeks ago, during Chinese New Year, I decided to make a quick trip to Mumbai to spend ten days with my mum and sister.  While I was there it dawned on me I’m going to be 28 this year.  Tweeennnttyyy-eeeeightttt. That’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from 30.  I remember when 30 might as well have been 50; it just felt so far away.  And now, here it is right around the corner.

Ok, I know, I am not old.  I’m not necessarily saying that.  Ever since 25, I’ve noticed I don’t bounce back the way I used to.  It’s incredible how much you start to feel yourself aging, even at the young age of 25.  For instance…

Drinking?  Forget it.  Half as much alcohol will now give me twice the hangover that I remember getting six years ago.  And, gone are the days when I can get drunk on a Friday and Saturday night and still be full of energy to have a productive Sunday.  If I want to get drunk, I need to know that I am going to have zero plans the next day and can be completely unproductive in my pj’s on the couch.  This is not to say that I get wasted all the time, or that I even want to.  I just don’t understand the thrill of going out with the purpose to get drunk.  I love enjoying a drink after a long day or when I’m out with the girls or Mr. Fabulous, but ‘drinking to drink’ a concept I cannot understand.  Or, maybe I’m just old!

It’s not just alcohol that my body reacts to differently, it’s life in general.  I cannot function on four hours sleep or survive on a diet of coffee and yogurt like I did in university.  My body needs proper rest and real food.  I get sudden shoulder aches now and struggling to stay up past 11pm just because it’s Friday night no longer seems worth it.

Another thing that made me realize just how old I am – I had to repeatedly ask my younger sister to explain twitter lingo to me.  If people use “#” on twitter for easy browsing why does it also get used on facebook and blogs posts aswell?!?

When you first begin to notice these changes, it’s kind of scary.  You realize you’re not going to stay young forever no matter how much you thought you would.  Now you’re actually feeling you’re body begin its downward spiral of old-age. Kind of depressing, huh? However, physical effects aside, growing older isn’t all negative. It may actually be the best years of your life thus far!

Now, for the positives…

You hit your mid-twenties, and all-of-a-sudden life gets a little bit easier.  You now have the freedom to travel when you want without having to ask the ‘rents for permission.  You have the liberty to do, and buy, pretty much anything you want (to a limit, of course!). You develop a greater understanding of who you are and you suddenly gain a sense of independence.  Life is good.


So far, my mid-to-late-twenties have been some of the best years of my life. I have a strong feeling that life is like a bottle of fine wine – it just improves with age.  Each year has just been getting better.  I’m happy to trade in the late drunken nights for what I have now – security.



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6 responses to “Getting Older

  1. Hansa

    Loved this post. It’s not great getting older but as you mentioned there are load of perks. You are still on the right side of 30 so enjoy!!!

  2. Oh man, I feel you on the not bouncing back as quickly! I wish I’d appreciated those days when I could be a productive human being on so little sleep, poor nutrition, and too much alcohol.

    All that said, there’s a lot to be said for improving with age. As much as I loved my college years, I wouldn’t choose to go back!

  3. Love this post! My late 20s have brought so much happiness in my life but at the same time some of the changes I’ve noticed at a bit scary. I just feel old”er” much more often now. And to make matters worse, the gray hairs have started to take over – I’m only 28!

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