In My Face!

You can go ahead and say it: acne sucks!  It especially sucks as an adult when you’re all “shouldn’t I already be past this shit?!”  My skin has never been the most stellar on its own, but after being prescribed Yasmin when I was 20, I had it all under control.  Fast forward 6 years and I stopped taking this miracle pill (I went through a phase of giving up everything artificial – sweeteners, hormones, hi-lights).  I was suddenly stranded without my favorite skin care treatment.

All of a sudden I started feeling like a 14-year-old acne ridden girl again and that’s all I could / can focus on.  It’s just so visible and “in my face!”  It makes me feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

You can name nearly any acne treatment out there and I probably could give you a review on it except the infamous pill accutane a.k.a roaccutane.

Now you might be wondering if acne bothers me so much why aren’t I taking this godsend of a tablet.  Here are my main reasons:

  1. First and foremost, it cuts off every possibility of having a kid for two years – that for me is a deal breaker in itself.
  2. Depression – maybe the most well known and publicized effect
  3. You need to be closely monitored by a Doctor while on the pill and at present I don’t have one in this part of the world.
  4. Excessive dry skin
  5. I am against the idea of pumping my body with chemicals causing such severe effects for months on end.

*I am not a Doctor. The above is just my personal reasons why this drug is not for me.  My reasons were made based upon the information I got from Internet research, meeting with a Dermatologist and speaking to people who have taken the pill*

Over the past six months I have been to numerous dermatologists, facialist and homeopathic practioners and been given a number of options to choose from:

  1. Go on the pill – don’t want to pump hormones in to my body and from experience I know it becomes worse when you get off it.
  2. Get pregnant – my acne is hormonal based and they claim this will adjust them.  Just imagine telling my child in 10 years “sweetheart, Daddy and I had you because I am vain and will do anything to clear my skin”
  3. Take antibiotics and stay on it till you decide to get pregnant – this option was ridiculous – pump antibiotics in my body endlessly – NO THANKS!
  4. Eat healthier and drink more water – granted I could cut out some chocolate from my diet BUT I already get more than the recommended amount of fruit and veg.  I eat balanced meals.  I do not drink fizzy drinks.  I drink a minimum of 2.5L of water per day and I exercise 5-6x a week.
  5. Homeopathy tablets – tried, tested, failed!
  6. Have a facial every week.  Luckily facials in China are wallet-friendly so I will be trying to have a facial every other week to try and keep things under control.
  7. Change my face wash – i’ve gone through so many and none of them have solved my problem
  8. Yoga – made me feel more relaxed but didn’t cure the problem

Seeing as I have ruled out nearly all options out there, will I just have to live with this problem endlessly?  I really hope not.  Having to deal with acne, a daily annoyance, has caused endless hours spent being frustrated and upset.  I am now planning to see a Chinese dermatologist who has apparently healed someone in a similar situation.  I’ve also decided to take advantage of living in China and explore the option of acupuncture to balance my hormones to hopefully cure this problem.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and staying positive that one of these options work because even though people who do not have acne don’t see It as a big deal (i.e. Mr. Fabulous) it really is a horrible, traumatic thing to deal with.  Its beyond vanity, acne is a tormentor and a serious personality adjuster

I’d love to hear if any of you have had to deal with acne.  What worked for you best to help cure it?




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  1. Oh man I have adult acne too. I’ve never gone on the pill (although some doctors have tried to force me to go on it … wtf!). I’ve tried it all. Lately though, Bikram Yoga has helped a lot. Apart from that, I use Boscia Luminizing Black Mask once a week (followed by toner & moisturizer) and it has made my skin a lot cleaner. Regular facials are a must. And if possible, drink a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon in it as soon as you wake up. My skin is far from clear, but much better than it used to be 2 yrs ago 🙂

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