New Year, New Resolutions, Welcome 2012!

Last night it was goodbye 2011! You were a great year, full of changes and the beginning of my adventure. Now it’s time to say “Hello 2012! It’s so nice to meet you…”

As my first blog post of 2012, I would like to share my resolutions for the year ahead.  But before anything else, let me wish each and every person reading this a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!  Let’s raise our glasses to bright hopes, new success, new reasons to smile and anything else our heart desires.  The sky is the limit and in 2012 we’re going to try our best to push beyond those limits.


My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions:


1. Launch my handbag line.  I spent 2011 conceptualizing my own line of exotic skin handbags.  This year I plan to finally launch it.

2.  Keep up to date with the accounting and not leave it till last thing on a Friday afternoon.


1. Make an effort to learn Mandarin.

2. Eat more fresh foods – this year I want to eat as fresh as possible e.g boil my own beans, make yogurt at home, make soup rather than eat the tinned variety.

3. Try to read 1 book a month – over the past year I have become really bad at picking up a book and reading it.  With my new kindle (courtesy of my Mum) I want to get back in the habit of reading before bed.

4. Posting on my blog regularly – since I started blogging I have been very infrequent with the number of posts I write a week.  This year I want to aim for 2 posts a week.


1. Finish 1 full round of Insanity – had to stop the program after five weeks as it got too hectic on holiday and as soon as I got back I fell ill.  Starting Jan 2nd I will begin the first full round of Insanity.

2. Complete 2 sessions of weight lifting a week.  The end of 2011 saw me slacking in this arena, so need to get back to body pump classes ASAP.


“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~ Buddha

Today is a fresh start  to reinvigorate ourselves, to shed the baggage of the previous year and do anything our heart desires.  What are your resolutions and goals for 2012?





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2 responses to “New Year, New Resolutions, Welcome 2012!

  1. Happy New Year! How exciting that you’ve designed handbags. I really really hope you launch it.

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