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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy New Year! May some fire be breathed into your lives with good fortune, excitement and the acceptance of transition and change!

Today we celebrate Chinese New Year by ushering out 2011’s year of the rabbit and welcoming 2012’s year of the dragon.  Chinese New Year is a time to welcome long life, wealth, success, good fortune prosperity and eliminate all the evil spirits and negative energies from the previous year.

After 60 years it is the black water dragon year.  The oriental Dragon is a symbol of wealth, intense power, success and happiness and is considered unpredictable and untouchable.  Its mystery is never completely known and people cannot see its head and tail at the same time.  Dragon years are considered especially fortunate for new businesses, marriage and children.

Everything this year, good or bad, will seem bigger than life and larger in magnitude, like the epic size and magical powers of the mythical Dragon!  We all have lots of surprises in this Year of the Dragon – Happy New Year!

Fun Fact:  Celebrity dragons include:  Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, Sigmund Freud, Shirley Temple, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Calista Flockhart, Courtney Cox


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Needle Therapy

It is true! The biggest needle phobia freely opted to get acupuncture.

Verdict? Love it – totally pro acupuncture! Having the needles inserted was by no means ‘pain free’; however, it was nowhere as painful as getting an injection or blood test.  Once the needles are inserted it is a very relaxing treatment and the results are AMAZING!

Few months ago when I told my facialist in Dubai I would be spending more time in China she suggested taking advantage of the situation and to start acupuncture for my acne.  I was always hesitant and skeptical of the idea of acupuncture.  At the start of the year it got to a point that I was willing to try anything, so  I booked my first appointment and hoped for the best.  Two weeks and 6 sessions later my acne has improved by 50% and I have stopped breaking out.  Thank God I took my facialists’ advice.

Through an international women’s group I found a recommended Chinese acupuncturist who could speak English.  This was so important to me – if I am going to let someone stick needles numerous needles all over me I needed  to freely discuss the treatment and issues without a translator.

Two weeks ago I had my first session.  Once I met with the acupuncturist she asked me for a brief history of how long I have had acne, what treatments I’ve tried, checked my pulse and my tongue.  Through this she also came to the conclusion I had a hormonal imbalance and guaranteed she would be able to control and treat my problem very quickly.

Each session begins with having numerous cups of rose tea or green tea so the body gets warmed up.  Then I was led to a room and was asked to lie on the bed.  After the needle insertion (I had 1 on each leg, 3 in my head and about 20 around my face) she put two duvets over me so I wouldn’t get cold and told me to inform her if I felt any pain or discomfort.  The treatment lasts for a relaxing 40 minutes.

I have 2 treatments a week and was prescribed some incredibly vile herbs to boil and drink twice a day for 10 days. Some people benefit from just acupuncture but for my condition the treatment apparently works better if I supplement the acupuncture with the herbs.

I cannot say enough good things about the treatment.  Having the breakouts stop and seeing my face get clearer each day has been the best feeling especially since the last dermatologist I saw told me my only option is Accutane or the pill.  I would definitely go back to acupuncture for any future issues.

Have you had any experiences with acupuncture?  Would you recommend acupuncture to someone?

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In My Face!

You can go ahead and say it: acne sucks!  It especially sucks as an adult when you’re all “shouldn’t I already be past this shit?!”  My skin has never been the most stellar on its own, but after being prescribed Yasmin when I was 20, I had it all under control.  Fast forward 6 years and I stopped taking this miracle pill (I went through a phase of giving up everything artificial – sweeteners, hormones, hi-lights).  I was suddenly stranded without my favorite skin care treatment.

All of a sudden I started feeling like a 14-year-old acne ridden girl again and that’s all I could / can focus on.  It’s just so visible and “in my face!”  It makes me feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

You can name nearly any acne treatment out there and I probably could give you a review on it except the infamous pill accutane a.k.a roaccutane.

Now you might be wondering if acne bothers me so much why aren’t I taking this godsend of a tablet.  Here are my main reasons:

  1. First and foremost, it cuts off every possibility of having a kid for two years – that for me is a deal breaker in itself.
  2. Depression – maybe the most well known and publicized effect
  3. You need to be closely monitored by a Doctor while on the pill and at present I don’t have one in this part of the world.
  4. Excessive dry skin
  5. I am against the idea of pumping my body with chemicals causing such severe effects for months on end.

*I am not a Doctor. The above is just my personal reasons why this drug is not for me.  My reasons were made based upon the information I got from Internet research, meeting with a Dermatologist and speaking to people who have taken the pill*

Over the past six months I have been to numerous dermatologists, facialist and homeopathic practioners and been given a number of options to choose from:

  1. Go on the pill – don’t want to pump hormones in to my body and from experience I know it becomes worse when you get off it.
  2. Get pregnant – my acne is hormonal based and they claim this will adjust them.  Just imagine telling my child in 10 years “sweetheart, Daddy and I had you because I am vain and will do anything to clear my skin”
  3. Take antibiotics and stay on it till you decide to get pregnant – this option was ridiculous – pump antibiotics in my body endlessly – NO THANKS!
  4. Eat healthier and drink more water – granted I could cut out some chocolate from my diet BUT I already get more than the recommended amount of fruit and veg.  I eat balanced meals.  I do not drink fizzy drinks.  I drink a minimum of 2.5L of water per day and I exercise 5-6x a week.
  5. Homeopathy tablets – tried, tested, failed!
  6. Have a facial every week.  Luckily facials in China are wallet-friendly so I will be trying to have a facial every other week to try and keep things under control.
  7. Change my face wash – i’ve gone through so many and none of them have solved my problem
  8. Yoga – made me feel more relaxed but didn’t cure the problem

Seeing as I have ruled out nearly all options out there, will I just have to live with this problem endlessly?  I really hope not.  Having to deal with acne, a daily annoyance, has caused endless hours spent being frustrated and upset.  I am now planning to see a Chinese dermatologist who has apparently healed someone in a similar situation.  I’ve also decided to take advantage of living in China and explore the option of acupuncture to balance my hormones to hopefully cure this problem.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and staying positive that one of these options work because even though people who do not have acne don’t see It as a big deal (i.e. Mr. Fabulous) it really is a horrible, traumatic thing to deal with.  Its beyond vanity, acne is a tormentor and a serious personality adjuster

I’d love to hear if any of you have had to deal with acne.  What worked for you best to help cure it?



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New Year, New Resolutions, Welcome 2012!

Last night it was goodbye 2011! You were a great year, full of changes and the beginning of my adventure. Now it’s time to say “Hello 2012! It’s so nice to meet you…”

As my first blog post of 2012, I would like to share my resolutions for the year ahead.  But before anything else, let me wish each and every person reading this a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!  Let’s raise our glasses to bright hopes, new success, new reasons to smile and anything else our heart desires.  The sky is the limit and in 2012 we’re going to try our best to push beyond those limits.


My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions:


1. Launch my handbag line.  I spent 2011 conceptualizing my own line of exotic skin handbags.  This year I plan to finally launch it.

2.  Keep up to date with the accounting and not leave it till last thing on a Friday afternoon.


1. Make an effort to learn Mandarin.

2. Eat more fresh foods – this year I want to eat as fresh as possible e.g boil my own beans, make yogurt at home, make soup rather than eat the tinned variety.

3. Try to read 1 book a month – over the past year I have become really bad at picking up a book and reading it.  With my new kindle (courtesy of my Mum) I want to get back in the habit of reading before bed.

4. Posting on my blog regularly – since I started blogging I have been very infrequent with the number of posts I write a week.  This year I want to aim for 2 posts a week.


1. Finish 1 full round of Insanity – had to stop the program after five weeks as it got too hectic on holiday and as soon as I got back I fell ill.  Starting Jan 2nd I will begin the first full round of Insanity.

2. Complete 2 sessions of weight lifting a week.  The end of 2011 saw me slacking in this arena, so need to get back to body pump classes ASAP.


“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~ Buddha

Today is a fresh start  to reinvigorate ourselves, to shed the baggage of the previous year and do anything our heart desires.  What are your resolutions and goals for 2012?




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