1 Month later…

Yesterday I completed month 1 of Insanity.  I feel so accomplished, strong and exhausted.  The recovery week could not have come at a better time.  On Friday I started to feel burnt out but I am still enjoying the workouts as much as ever.  Over the past month i’ve been pushed to new levels and am now physically fitter than ever before.  A quick over view of Insanity:

  • a high intensity, cardio conditioning workout
  • you do not need any weights or equipment to complete the program
  • the workouts consist of high intensity intervals (2-4 minutes) with short bursts of recovery (30 seconds)
  • tons of high impact movement
  • be prepared to sweat.. ALOT!
Month 1 rotates 4 workouts.  Each week gets a little more difficult but being able to complete the workout in under 40 minutes means there’s no reason to ever skip a workout.  Today commenced my recovery week – a phase sandwiched in between month 1 and month 2 of the program. The recovery week consists of doing the Core Cardio & Balance DVD for six days straight.  Don’t let the term ‘recovery’ fool you to believe it is an easy workout – you still work up a sweat and made to ‘dig deeper’.

After the Recovery week I am planning to repeat Month 1 before moving on to phase 2.  Reasons being:

  • I feel I need another month to prepare myself for phase 2
  • Going on holiday at the end of the week means I will not be able to commit to the longer workouts.  I want to start month 2 after the holidays when I can commit to every workout and to a clean diet sans alcohol – that certainly wont be next week!
I am looking forward to this recovery week – my body surely needs a break after all the jumping and stretching over the last month!

Ever since I started Insanity people have asked me how I motivate myself to workout six days a week, especially without having to leave the house to get it done or having someone to keep me accountable to completing each workout. After pondering the question I came up with my 8 tips that make me stick to my workouts:



Prioritize: You have to plan for success if you want to make health and fitness part of your daily routine. You know the old saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Plan ahead so you can make it happen, even if that means waking up an hour earlier or going to the gym straight from work. You can make it happen if you plan it in to your day.

Weekly Calendar: Plan your workouts a week in advance. Schedule them in to your diary as if it is important like a business meeting. Some days life happens and you’ll have to skip a workout but if you can make 4 out of the 6, you’re doing pretty good! I tend to write out my workouts for the week in my food diary every Sunday evening so I know what needs to get done each day.

Me time: Think of your workout time as your hour where it is all about you – no one asking you for help, no phones ringing, no interruptions. Your time to be in control, to de-stress, burn calories and release those happy endorphins.

Goals: I recently found myself getting in to a rut. My workouts were not going anywhere, I wasn’t feeling motivated to exercise and the mere thought of exercising just bored me let alone thinking of 30 long minutes on the dreadmill treadmill. Setting targets / goals really help. Deciding to commit to the Insanity program has kept me motivated and I really enjoy having something to work towards.

No excuses: In the words of Nike, “Just do it”. There is yet to be someone who goes to the gym that leaves in a worse mood than when they went in. Are you feeling tired or not in the mood? Don’t let that be a reason to stop you from working out. You can always stop after the first few minutes if you really are not in the mood but chances are once you’re out there you’ll want to keep going. The hardest part is getting yourself to the gym or switching on that DVD, but once you do you’ll be happy you made the effort.

Eat: If you start a new exercise regime and slash your calories you will NOT have the energy to carry on working out. It is so important you follow a balanced diet. You need the fuel to get you through your work out, if you do not you will feel exhausted and lose the motivation to go back again.

Remember why you are doing it: Every time you feel like you just can’t be bothered remember why you started. Is it for that stronger body, to lose the last few pounds, or just to feel healthier. Whatever it may be remind yourself of it the next time you feel like bailing.

So next time you can’t be bothered to exercise just find a way to make it the gym and the rest will be history. Even if you go for a walk it is better than sitting on the couch for that hour.




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4 responses to “1 Month later…

  1. Way to go :)! Sounds like a great challenge and like it definitely spruced up your work-out motivation! Glad to see that your already for alcohol and “non-clean” food in Mumbai heheheh!

  2. 1 month of Insanity? Wow!!!! Wow!!!! I did it for a week and then stopped because I had to travel. But it is seriously the best workout in the world.

    • Agreed! It is the most amazing workout. I finished the first 5 weeks and then had to stop because I couldn’t continue while travelling and as soon as I got back I fell ill. New Year resolution #1 – finish the full program. Hope you had a great Christmas.

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