Happy 40th U.A.E!

It was back in the summer of ‘04 when my love affair with Dubai began.  I came to visit my Aunt and I instantly fell in love with this spectacular place.  Never did I imagine that in five years this magnificent City would become my home.  Today as the U.A.E celebrates its 40th National Day I couldn’t help but reflect on the 10 reasons I love this City.

1.I met Mr. Fabulous in Dubai.  We have so many special memories here.  The most important one being we got married in Dubai.

2. My Friends.  I have made some of the best friends here and even though I am not living in Dubai now I know the relationships we built over the last two years will last a lifetime.

3. Excitement of driving.  Speeding in Dubai is mandatory.  If you don’t join in you risk being run down.  The thrill of pushing your foot on the accelerator with the music blasting as you drive down Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the most thrilling experiences.

4. The special and preferential treatment provided ensure women are given “red carpet” treatment through all sorts of queues in Dubai.  We are served first and provided our own separate queues in government buildings and there is an abundance of smiling people always ready to help with daily tasks, such as: pumping gas, carrying packages, putting the groceries in the car, etc.

5. Something to do every night.  Dubai is buzzing every night of the week.  If you want to party, quiet night having shisha and playing monopoly deal, dinner, poker, cinema – the options are endless and the best part here is that people enjoy doing something everyday – no such thing as we can’t go out since it’s a work night.

6. Dubai is an ode to opulence.  It defines extravagance with all its wonders.  Burj Khalifa – the worlds tallest building, Palm Islands – largest artificial islands in the world, Dubai Mall – largest mall in the world, Ski Dubai – largest indoor ski resort in the world.


7. Convenience.  You can get anything done without having to go out.  Everything can be delivered day or night – laundry, pharmacy, cosmetics, food and there is someone to come home for hair, nails, massages till late in the night.

8. Safety. Without a doubt Dubai is the safest place I have been to.  Never have I worried about coming home alone late at night, taking a cab alone or being harassed.

9. It’s a hub.  Dubai is the perfect location for my Mum and Sister to visit due to its strategic geographical position between Europe, Asia and also parts of Africa.  Since they can always transit here I have been lucky to see them more often than if I lived in any other part of the world.

10.  Dubai Mall Fountains – simply the most outstanding dancing fountain display I have ever seen.  Even though I have watched it a million times, it still takes my breath away.  If you ever visit Dubai this is a must see!

In the two short years I’ve lived n Dubai I have come to love this place more than any other and am lucky to be here for its 40th National Day Celebrations.  The pride and honor in each person over the last few days, especially today, was overwhelming.  A day to remember forever.

Happy 40th National Day U.A.E



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3 responses to “Happy 40th U.A.E!

  1. Dubai is a fantastic place. I’d like to go back there someday 🙂

  2. glemaruht

    dubai looks glamourous…..i’d rili want to go there b4…..
    and now…my wish is answered…..by the end of august, im in duabi already..dubai hir i come..tananaaaaaaaaaaan………..

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