re: Ms. Inquisitive

Dear Ms. Inquisitive

Hi. I don’t know why you care or what purpose the answers of all your questions serve to your life but I assure you it’s none of your business.  I am happily living my life, doing my own thing, not asking you for anything so stop interrogating me.  You have started asking more questions than my mom and mom-in-law put together and I am just not willing to give you any more information about myself.

Here are the only things you need to know:

  1. I am happily living in China with Mr. Fabulous
  2. I am loving life and have NO complaints
  3. When I come to Dubai I have my own house, my own car and my own life so please stop asking me how long I am here for.  I will stay for as long as like.
  4. I maintain relations with my friends (I just chose not to keep in touch with you) so please stop asking people if I am still friends with so and so.

I really wish you would start minding your own business.  What I do everyday, how much I earn, when I’m going to have a child, why Mr. Fabulous is not glued to me when I travel is not your business.  I think you should worry about yourself first and I’ll worry about me.  It is not your privilege to know everything, especially when you just want to be malicious and gossip about me.

It’s bad enough you are asking me so many questions but its even worse that you are questioning my friends about my life.
If you must know all this useless information you should be an up front creep and only ask me.  I still will not tell you but at least you’ll be a vocal and proud creepoid.


Minding my own business





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7 responses to “re: Ms. Inquisitive

  1. Haha! I think we all know one of these! They’re iconic.

  2. I have begun to back-answer with a smile on my face. It is hilarious. Because you say the meanest thing, but say it with a smile and pretend its a humorous tone. They get the message.

  3. I wrote a post once about how I just want to walk around with a shirt that reads: MYOB. Seriously!

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