I think I have officially become one of those people who falls so in love with something that I can’t help but talk about it till I successfully annoy / bore every person I come in to contact with.

For the record – I officially love Insanity!  

By far it is the best workout program I have ever taken part in.  I love it even more than Les Mil’s Body Attack.  I love it more than Jillian Michaels Burn Fat Boost Metabolism.  I even love it more than running.  It’s an extraordinary workout.  The plyometrics make me work up a sweat in such a short amount of time and after each session I experience a total body workout.  No more measly cardio for me.  Now I am all about the explosive, powerful exercises.

This is exactly what Insanity is about.  I love the fact that I can now workout in my own home at my own time.  No more having to work out in the evenings since the gym doesn’t open early enough in my building (can you believe it only opens at 9:30am!!!!)  I have finally started a morning workout routine.  Every morning I wake up an hour before Mr. Fabulous, quietly tip toe to the hall and start my work out.  I really enjoy having my workout finished soon after I wake up – now nothing gets in the way of my workout and I have more time in the evenings to do whatever I want.

So far this week I have made few accomplishments.  I can now go through the full warm up routine without stopping.  If you haven’t done Insanity you’ll be thinking ‘what a lame-o, she can’t even do the full warm up’.  Trust me though once you do the routine you’ll see it’s not a normal easy warm up.  It’s a workout in itself.  I’m also able to keep up with the participants on the DVD for most of the exercises and the total number of breaks I take are considerably less than week one.  After two weeks I can already feel my fitness level rise.  I am excited to see what they are like at the end of the 60 days.  Tomorrow is my bi-weekly fitness test.  I will post my results at the end of the program.

During the first week of Insanity my body was in pain and I really looked forward to my day off.  Surprisingly this week I am feeling great, my energy levels has increased and no more aches or pains.  Even after pure cardio I still managed to complete pure abs without collapsing on the floor.  Didn’t think I would have the energy to do the 16-minute workout, but I got through it fine.  Only problem with Insanity is that I am missing my body pump classes A LOT.  Two weeks in to the program and so far I have not been able to fit in a single body pump class.  Something always comes up when I plan to go.  Anyhow, as long as I am on track with Insanity I’m not going to complain.

And now the results:

So far I haven’t lost any weight, weighed myself once and I have stayed the same.  Maybe, my far from perfect eating is the reason behind this!  I am feeling more toned over-all, which I am very happy with.  I don’t know if I have lost any inches / cms since I decided I will measure myself every four weeks.  Two more weeks till I find out if I have lost anything.

Weekly re-caps of my Insanity journey are going to get really boring and I think you all will be fed up of reading about how much I love the program.  From now on I will track my at the end of phase one, the middle of phase 2 and when I complete the program.  I think that will be more than enough to keep me accountable.

I still cannot believe I have completed the first two weeks and am officially half way through the first phase of the program. I’m feeling great and can’t wait to tackle the week ahead.


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