Yesterday I finished my SIXTH day of Insanity workouts.  I feel great that I have been able to stick to the schedule this week but after the Fit Test I got nervous thinking what else was to come.  The workouts are really tough (quite possibly most definitely the hardest exercise program I’ve ever done) but I love the challenge and change of pace in my workout.

So far this week I have done:

  1. Fit Test 2. Plyo Cardio Circuit 3.Cardio Power & Resistance 4.Cardio Recovery 5. Pure Cardio 6. Plyo Cardio Circuit

The workouts are all around  40 minutes long.  They start with a warm up (more like a workout in itself) and then stretching.  By this point you only have around 20 minutes, which is plenty time for Shaun T to do some damage.  By the fourth day my body was crying for a rest.  Luckily it was time for Cardio Recovery.  It was not easy but all the yoga really helped stretch my body out and made me feel great, ready to tackle the rest of the week.

This program is definitely not for beginners and if you don’t follow the proper form it is extremely easy to get hurt doing the moves as it’s high impact cardio – think lots of jumping and explosive movements.  I am hoping by the end of the month I will be able to get through each DVD without any extra breaks.

How am I feeling so far?  I am loving the program and feeling much stronger but the intensity of it all has really shocked my body.  On the 2nd day of the program I was sick but decided to stick with it as I heard it is common but by the 4th day my body finally started adjusting to it and I now look forward to each workout.

Since starting Insanity, I have been focused on eating right.  There have been a couple of occasions I’ve eaten out so I can’t say my food intake is perfect but I try to choose the healthiest option.  I am consciously eating  5x a day and make sure there is some kind of protein in every meal and snack.

My original plan was to continue with my regular body pump classes twice a week along with the program however this week I decided not to attend a body pump class so my body could adjust to these workouts.  Hopefully from next week I will be able to re-introduce weight training to this schedule.

Today is my first rest day.  Going to enjoy my day of relaxation with an afternoon of Modern Family!


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  1. I could really use some Insanity in my life but honestly, at my age (35) I am just too tired! I can barely get myself to do a push-up. Kudos to you!!

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