Common Courtesy? Yes Please, Thank You!

What has happened to common courtesy and good manners in China?  Each day I am forced to come across “people” who are rude / discourteous / uncouth / loud / unmannerly.  They are everywhere and I inevitably run in to them in the lifts, metro, supermarket and train stations to name a few.  Here are some of the scenarios I have had to face.

The concept of standing in line and forming a queue was created so that each person has his own rightful turn.  You may not barge in front of me and no your time is not more valuable than mine.  You need to stand in the queue just like the rest of us.  The longer I spend in China the more I realize how foreign the concept of queuing is.  They prefer to form a huddle and push their way to the front.

When you are in a hurry to enter the elevator / metro please wait for the people inside to exit first.  You are not paper-thin and it is a simple gesture that will be greatly appreciated.  While you’re at it, it would also be nice if you could hold the door open rather than let it slam in my face while I’m holding two steaming hot cups of coffee.

Mothers in China must be the worst.  I will allow myself to be sexist and say you truly belong at home and should not be allowed out with your kids.  Due to laziness to take their child to the bathroom or maybe an attempt to save money from buying Pampers / underwear they have decided to go au natural and cut a hole down the back of their kids pants.  The world is their toilet.  I have seen a child happily do their business in a crowded metro.  The mother gladly cleans it up and disposes the dirty tissues in her handbag (I was disgusted and made my way to the exit at the next stop).  A publicly peeing and pooping child is NOT cute; it is disgusting.  Keep it at home the next time you decide to venture in to civilization.  Dogs are not allowed on to the metro, yet they are 10x more potty trained.


Spitting and burping everywhere and anywhere is acceptable.  Nobody has a problem with bodily fluids covering the streets we walk on yet when I left the house with a common cold and a bit of a cough people were insulted!  Staff in our office threatened Mr. Fabulous they would leave if I stayed AND I was told to go home.  How is it that publicly spitting and loudly burping is deemed normal and a bit of sniffling is rude?

Is it easier to be ill-mannered?  I may sound rude by making all these judgments but I am not harming society by them.  I was brought up with good manners and do not believe in forgetting them just because I am surrounded by people who have never heard of them.  I continue to say please and thank you, I will hold the door open for the next person and wait for people to exit the elevator before I make my way in.  I will not change to fit in!


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