Domestic Torture

Ok, I know I sound like a spoilt brat complaining how hard life is having someone come home to do my ironing, cleaning and make my apartment look good, however, after the month I’ve had with my Ayi (Chinese word for a cleaner) I think I deserve a halo.  I want to pull my hair out every time she walks in the front door.  Unlike my dear Mum, I do not have a habit to scream or lose my patience very quickly. BUT, if my few simple rules cannot be followed, it infuriates me.  It gives me the need to stand over the Ayi to watch her every move.

I’ll share my few rules and please feel free to let me know if I am being too neurotic or expecting a little too much:

  1. Wash your hands.  If you are cleaning my house your hands need to be clean!!! Apparently it’s not common sense to wash your hands after cleaning someone’s toilet!
  2. Use cleaning products.  I spend money buying all the cleaning detergents for you to use.  They really are not decorative pieces.  I went and got them just for you.
  3. Iron properly. I asked you to iron my clothes so there are no creases, please don’t rush my ironing and leave creases, unless you want to iron everything twice.
  4. When you finish sweeping, it’s your job to make sure there is no dust on the floor.  If I check and there is dust, please be sure you will be doing this task again as well.
  5. Do NOT clean my house and the bathroom with the same cloth.  I really do NOT care what goes on in your house, but when you come to my house you will follow my rules.

After writing this list, I kept re-reading each point to see if I was being unreasonable but I am not.  If I am paying someone, I expect the job to be done well.  One tip I was given, “just give a blind eye to what you don’t like, don’t get stressed”.  How can I not get stressed when I see all this happening?!  Today was the worst day with the Ayi.  She cleaned the living room with NO cleaning products.  She was made to re-do it with me watching her every move.  After cleaning the living room twice she still managed to attempt cleaning the bedroom without any products.  Maybe she enjoys the exercise of cleaning everything twice?!?  Seriously though, I think she went for a class to be trained in ‘simple ways to increase you employers blood pressure’ instead of ‘cleaning’.  Unlucky for her, she chose the wrong day to push my buttons.  Her contract will be terminated at the end of the month.  Lucky for me, I have a back up who I started training this week.

You know you’re grown up when you start wishing for good domestic help!

After the past month with my Ayi I have to publicly salute my Mom!  Growing up she supervised 1 cook, 1 house girl, 1 houseboy, 1 driver, 1 live in maid from India, 1 gardner and 2 watchmen.  I have no answers how she did it or how she managed to deal with all their issues 7 days a week BUT I am grateful she did.  Whoever says a stay at home mom doesn’t work was WRONG.  My mum works a full time job running our house smoothly, raising three kids and being on-call 24 hours a day.

Tomorrow is day 2 of training my new Ayi.  Hopefully she will be able to get used to the way I like things done quickly.




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2 responses to “Domestic Torture

  1. Every minute you spend angry, you are giving up 60 seconds of happiness. Have a great day!

  2. I am very particular so I don’t think you are neurotic at all! The only thing i don’t care about is ironing…I let the dry cleaner take care of that one. 🙂

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