The Dating Game

I was wrong about marriage.  I always thought once I got married I’d be over with the whole dating scene.  Little did I know!

Two years later I find myself at lunch nervously watching that I’m using my chopsticks correctly, not making a mess and worrying if they’ll like me us.  It was a first date all over again – a couple’s date.  Now it’s not just worrying if they’ll like me, they have to like both of us.

Our first couple’s date back in June was a disaster!   We didn’t have anything in common, they would randomly start speaking in Chinese and Sindhi (an Indian dialect I do not understand), burst out in to Indian songs and were just in different stages of life to us.  Needless to say, we never met again.  I was embarrassed to unexpectedly bump in to the wife last week. “Where’ve you been? Let’s meet for a coffee or dinner” was the first thing she said.  I sheepishly agreed to call and make a plan.

The experience stopped us wanting to meet new people. For the past few months we’ve been enjoying each other’s company without feeling the need to proactively meet people.  After being in a long distance relationship for four years it was nice spending all this time quality together.  But now we need friends!  There’s something about couple’s dating that even helps our relationship.  We have something to bond over when we get home at night and when we go for a “date” we always have each other to fall back on if it isn’t going well, so it’s not too bad.

Yesterday, five months later, we went on another  “first date”.  Mr. Fabulous and I had lunch with two other couples.  I was nervous the entire cab journey there.  Going somewhere to intentionally make friends was not something i’ve ever needed to do in the past.  When I moved to Dubai I already had friends and the longer I was there the more I made without really thinking about it.  It was a relief that lunch went well,  We all seemed to get on well, had similar interests and lots to talk about.

Now though it’s back to these questions:

“Should we call?’ or “should we wait for them to call?’

“Do you think we made the right impression?’

“Can we see ourselves spending weekends with them?’

“Should I add them on Facebook or is that too needy”

Hopefully, they liked us too, otherwise we’re going to question what that says about us as a couple.

“Are we boring?”

“Are we irritating?”

“Is there something wrong with us?’

I find as couples we are pickier now in what we look for in another couple than when we were looking for a mate.  In comparison to finding couple friends it seemed so simple finding Mr. Fabulous.  It all just fell in to place.

Let’s hope Mr. Fabulous and I made a good impression yesterday!  I think we just might have since they invited us to go see Akon in concert with them tonight.




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2 responses to “The Dating Game

  1. I agree completely! When we first moved to Chicago, we only knew my husband’s sister. It has now been two years and we have a decent circle of friends. But I will never forget those initial hiccups!

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