Taking Control

I confess – I was once an obsessive-calorie-counting maniac.  Nothing would go in my mouth until I documented it.  Be it on my blackberry, laptop or a book – if it wasn’t documented, it wasn’t eaten.  People who didn’t know me thought I was a raving lunatic but Mr. Fabulous just learnt to accept it.  He knew better than trying to reason with me.  I was scared to gain weight.  I needed the discipline.

Five months ago I officially stopped.  Coming to China for two weeks, living in a hotel and eating out 2x a day made it impossible!  I decided to follow few rules to help me not gain weight:

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Avoid fried foods
  3. Work-out 4x a week
  4. Have protein with all meals
  5. Keep a food diary
  6. Drink lots of water

It was a miracle.  I reached home after 2-weeks of eating out and.. wait for it.. I lost weight (ok it was only one pound but any weight loss is good)!!

I realized I could actually eat a balanced diet and exercise without being obsessive and NOT gain weight.  Although, I do have few commandments, which must be followed:

  1. I make sure I workout four times, a mix of cardio and strength training
  2. I must eat breakfast every morning (even if it means missing the train to HK – Mr. Fabulous finally learnt to embrace this rather than fight it)
  3. I eat dessert once a day
  4. I still write down what I eat – I just don’t work out the calories and keep track of it.

Lately though something has happened.  I have gone on a ‘see-food’ diet.  I am eating everything in sight with no care in the world.  I need to get serious.  I need to be in command.

Workout targets for November

  1. 3x cardio sessions a week
  2. 2x strength training sessions a week
  3. Finish a 10km run in under 64 minutes.

Food Targets for November

  1. Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day
  2. Allow myself one piece of chocolate at night – depriving myself = a recipe for disaster
  3. Maximum of 4 alcoholic drinks a week

I’ll be tracking my workouts in the fitness section and my eating habits for the month in the food section.

Wish my luck to get back on track.


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One response to “Taking Control

  1. Palan

    Hi You!

    I just found your blog & this post – and I can totally relate.

    October saw me getting ready to leave Kenya and go to New Zealand – the last thing on my mind was being heakth conscious and just wanted to eat EVERYTHING I saw!

    I’m now trying to get serious & reign myself back in – but man! It’s seriously tough! I don’t know what’s happened to me..!

    I’m so impressed that you managed to do it – serious kudos & respect – I’m really struggling & the holiday season is NOT helping!

    Any tips more than welcome xx

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