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re: Ms. Inquisitive

Dear Ms. Inquisitive

Hi. I don’t know why you care or what purpose the answers of all your questions serve to your life but I assure you it’s none of your business.  I am happily living my life, doing my own thing, not asking you for anything so stop interrogating me.  You have started asking more questions than my mom and mom-in-law put together and I am just not willing to give you any more information about myself.

Here are the only things you need to know:

  1. I am happily living in China with Mr. Fabulous
  2. I am loving life and have NO complaints
  3. When I come to Dubai I have my own house, my own car and my own life so please stop asking me how long I am here for.  I will stay for as long as like.
  4. I maintain relations with my friends (I just chose not to keep in touch with you) so please stop asking people if I am still friends with so and so.

I really wish you would start minding your own business.  What I do everyday, how much I earn, when I’m going to have a child, why Mr. Fabulous is not glued to me when I travel is not your business.  I think you should worry about yourself first and I’ll worry about me.  It is not your privilege to know everything, especially when you just want to be malicious and gossip about me.

It’s bad enough you are asking me so many questions but its even worse that you are questioning my friends about my life.
If you must know all this useless information you should be an up front creep and only ask me.  I still will not tell you but at least you’ll be a vocal and proud creepoid.


Minding my own business





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I think I have officially become one of those people who falls so in love with something that I can’t help but talk about it till I successfully annoy / bore every person I come in to contact with.

For the record – I officially love Insanity!  

By far it is the best workout program I have ever taken part in.  I love it even more than Les Mil’s Body Attack.  I love it more than Jillian Michaels Burn Fat Boost Metabolism.  I even love it more than running.  It’s an extraordinary workout.  The plyometrics make me work up a sweat in such a short amount of time and after each session I experience a total body workout.  No more measly cardio for me.  Now I am all about the explosive, powerful exercises.

This is exactly what Insanity is about.  I love the fact that I can now workout in my own home at my own time.  No more having to work out in the evenings since the gym doesn’t open early enough in my building (can you believe it only opens at 9:30am!!!!)  I have finally started a morning workout routine.  Every morning I wake up an hour before Mr. Fabulous, quietly tip toe to the hall and start my work out.  I really enjoy having my workout finished soon after I wake up – now nothing gets in the way of my workout and I have more time in the evenings to do whatever I want.

So far this week I have made few accomplishments.  I can now go through the full warm up routine without stopping.  If you haven’t done Insanity you’ll be thinking ‘what a lame-o, she can’t even do the full warm up’.  Trust me though once you do the routine you’ll see it’s not a normal easy warm up.  It’s a workout in itself.  I’m also able to keep up with the participants on the DVD for most of the exercises and the total number of breaks I take are considerably less than week one.  After two weeks I can already feel my fitness level rise.  I am excited to see what they are like at the end of the 60 days.  Tomorrow is my bi-weekly fitness test.  I will post my results at the end of the program.

During the first week of Insanity my body was in pain and I really looked forward to my day off.  Surprisingly this week I am feeling great, my energy levels has increased and no more aches or pains.  Even after pure cardio I still managed to complete pure abs without collapsing on the floor.  Didn’t think I would have the energy to do the 16-minute workout, but I got through it fine.  Only problem with Insanity is that I am missing my body pump classes A LOT.  Two weeks in to the program and so far I have not been able to fit in a single body pump class.  Something always comes up when I plan to go.  Anyhow, as long as I am on track with Insanity I’m not going to complain.

And now the results:

So far I haven’t lost any weight, weighed myself once and I have stayed the same.  Maybe, my far from perfect eating is the reason behind this!  I am feeling more toned over-all, which I am very happy with.  I don’t know if I have lost any inches / cms since I decided I will measure myself every four weeks.  Two more weeks till I find out if I have lost anything.

Weekly re-caps of my Insanity journey are going to get really boring and I think you all will be fed up of reading about how much I love the program.  From now on I will track my at the end of phase one, the middle of phase 2 and when I complete the program.  I think that will be more than enough to keep me accountable.

I still cannot believe I have completed the first two weeks and am officially half way through the first phase of the program. I’m feeling great and can’t wait to tackle the week ahead.

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Yesterday I finished my SIXTH day of Insanity workouts.  I feel great that I have been able to stick to the schedule this week but after the Fit Test I got nervous thinking what else was to come.  The workouts are really tough (quite possibly most definitely the hardest exercise program I’ve ever done) but I love the challenge and change of pace in my workout.

So far this week I have done:

  1. Fit Test 2. Plyo Cardio Circuit 3.Cardio Power & Resistance 4.Cardio Recovery 5. Pure Cardio 6. Plyo Cardio Circuit

The workouts are all around  40 minutes long.  They start with a warm up (more like a workout in itself) and then stretching.  By this point you only have around 20 minutes, which is plenty time for Shaun T to do some damage.  By the fourth day my body was crying for a rest.  Luckily it was time for Cardio Recovery.  It was not easy but all the yoga really helped stretch my body out and made me feel great, ready to tackle the rest of the week.

This program is definitely not for beginners and if you don’t follow the proper form it is extremely easy to get hurt doing the moves as it’s high impact cardio – think lots of jumping and explosive movements.  I am hoping by the end of the month I will be able to get through each DVD without any extra breaks.

How am I feeling so far?  I am loving the program and feeling much stronger but the intensity of it all has really shocked my body.  On the 2nd day of the program I was sick but decided to stick with it as I heard it is common but by the 4th day my body finally started adjusting to it and I now look forward to each workout.

Since starting Insanity, I have been focused on eating right.  There have been a couple of occasions I’ve eaten out so I can’t say my food intake is perfect but I try to choose the healthiest option.  I am consciously eating  5x a day and make sure there is some kind of protein in every meal and snack.

My original plan was to continue with my regular body pump classes twice a week along with the program however this week I decided not to attend a body pump class so my body could adjust to these workouts.  Hopefully from next week I will be able to re-introduce weight training to this schedule.

Today is my first rest day.  Going to enjoy my day of relaxation with an afternoon of Modern Family!

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Common Courtesy? Yes Please, Thank You!

What has happened to common courtesy and good manners in China?  Each day I am forced to come across “people” who are rude / discourteous / uncouth / loud / unmannerly.  They are everywhere and I inevitably run in to them in the lifts, metro, supermarket and train stations to name a few.  Here are some of the scenarios I have had to face.

The concept of standing in line and forming a queue was created so that each person has his own rightful turn.  You may not barge in front of me and no your time is not more valuable than mine.  You need to stand in the queue just like the rest of us.  The longer I spend in China the more I realize how foreign the concept of queuing is.  They prefer to form a huddle and push their way to the front.

When you are in a hurry to enter the elevator / metro please wait for the people inside to exit first.  You are not paper-thin and it is a simple gesture that will be greatly appreciated.  While you’re at it, it would also be nice if you could hold the door open rather than let it slam in my face while I’m holding two steaming hot cups of coffee.

Mothers in China must be the worst.  I will allow myself to be sexist and say you truly belong at home and should not be allowed out with your kids.  Due to laziness to take their child to the bathroom or maybe an attempt to save money from buying Pampers / underwear they have decided to go au natural and cut a hole down the back of their kids pants.  The world is their toilet.  I have seen a child happily do their business in a crowded metro.  The mother gladly cleans it up and disposes the dirty tissues in her handbag (I was disgusted and made my way to the exit at the next stop).  A publicly peeing and pooping child is NOT cute; it is disgusting.  Keep it at home the next time you decide to venture in to civilization.  Dogs are not allowed on to the metro, yet they are 10x more potty trained.


Spitting and burping everywhere and anywhere is acceptable.  Nobody has a problem with bodily fluids covering the streets we walk on yet when I left the house with a common cold and a bit of a cough people were insulted!  Staff in our office threatened Mr. Fabulous they would leave if I stayed AND I was told to go home.  How is it that publicly spitting and loudly burping is deemed normal and a bit of sniffling is rude?

Is it easier to be ill-mannered?  I may sound rude by making all these judgments but I am not harming society by them.  I was brought up with good manners and do not believe in forgetting them just because I am surrounded by people who have never heard of them.  I continue to say please and thank you, I will hold the door open for the next person and wait for people to exit the elevator before I make my way in.  I will not change to fit in!

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I finally decided to go for it – I ordered my very own copy of INSANITY.  For the first time, since I heard about it, I’m ready to commit myself 100%.  With the holidays coming up I contemplated postponing to start in January, but I am just so excited to see results I don’t want to waste any time.  Also, seeing as this workout can be done anywhere as long as I have my trainers, laptop and the DVDs there was really no reason to wait two months.

So here’s a quick rundown on why I’m doing INSANITY:

  • I finished my challenge of running 10km in under my target of 62 minutes and I’m feeling so much fitter now.  Never been able to run for an hour without a break.
  • I’ve started slipping in to bad eating habits.  My diet is nowhere as clean as it was two months ago.
  • I need a new challenge.  My current workouts are becoming somewhat monotonous – can’t bear another session of JM’s Burn Fat Boost Metabolism DVD, at least for the time being.
  • With the weather changing, I prefer to finish working out in the morning.  By the evening I get lazy and my gym doesn’t open till 9:30am so with INSANITY I can work out whenever I want.
  • As the holidays are fast approaching I need to get in control before I lose control!

For those of you who have not heard of Insanity, here is some info:

  • It is a 60-day max interval training total body conditioning program.  It has the reputation for the being the most intense workout ever put on DVD.  Unlike conventional training where you have extremely difficult bursts for a short time, here you go insane for longer and have short burst of rests.  The program is designed for you to workout 6 days a week and have 1 rest day a week.  I will also be continuing with my body pump classes 2x a week so I don’t lose muscle mass.
  • INSANITY uses your own body weight.  There is no need for weights or any extra equipment so it can be done anywhere and all the DVDs can all be completed in under 1 hour

I’m going to use the 60 days dedicated to the program to focus on a cleaner diet.  I will try to stick to the recommended 5 meals a day, all roughly around 300kcals as suggested in the nutrition plan.  I will NOT be cutting out chocolate (will try to stick to dark) or alcohol completely.  I know I will not be perfect 100% of the time but if I stick to the 80:20 rule I’ll be happy.  I finally believe in the saying: “you cannot out train a bad diet”.   Alas, if I am committing to INSANITY I do not want my diet to be the reason I don’t see results. I will be doing a re-cap at the end of each week for the full 9 weeks.  So, if you are interested you can follow my progress through my INSANITY journey.  I will post my workouts for the 60 days in the Fitness Section as soon as my DVD set arrives.

So, If you are out there and somehow stumbled upon my blog, and if you’re also doing INSANITY right now I’d love to hear from you and how you are finding the program.  Especially if you’ve got a blog that’s tracking your progress – I get so much motivation from others.  Please leave a comment with a link to your blog or your thoughts on INSANITY.


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Domestic Torture

Ok, I know I sound like a spoilt brat complaining how hard life is having someone come home to do my ironing, cleaning and make my apartment look good, however, after the month I’ve had with my Ayi (Chinese word for a cleaner) I think I deserve a halo.  I want to pull my hair out every time she walks in the front door.  Unlike my dear Mum, I do not have a habit to scream or lose my patience very quickly. BUT, if my few simple rules cannot be followed, it infuriates me.  It gives me the need to stand over the Ayi to watch her every move.

I’ll share my few rules and please feel free to let me know if I am being too neurotic or expecting a little too much:

  1. Wash your hands.  If you are cleaning my house your hands need to be clean!!! Apparently it’s not common sense to wash your hands after cleaning someone’s toilet!
  2. Use cleaning products.  I spend money buying all the cleaning detergents for you to use.  They really are not decorative pieces.  I went and got them just for you.
  3. Iron properly. I asked you to iron my clothes so there are no creases, please don’t rush my ironing and leave creases, unless you want to iron everything twice.
  4. When you finish sweeping, it’s your job to make sure there is no dust on the floor.  If I check and there is dust, please be sure you will be doing this task again as well.
  5. Do NOT clean my house and the bathroom with the same cloth.  I really do NOT care what goes on in your house, but when you come to my house you will follow my rules.

After writing this list, I kept re-reading each point to see if I was being unreasonable but I am not.  If I am paying someone, I expect the job to be done well.  One tip I was given, “just give a blind eye to what you don’t like, don’t get stressed”.  How can I not get stressed when I see all this happening?!  Today was the worst day with the Ayi.  She cleaned the living room with NO cleaning products.  She was made to re-do it with me watching her every move.  After cleaning the living room twice she still managed to attempt cleaning the bedroom without any products.  Maybe she enjoys the exercise of cleaning everything twice?!?  Seriously though, I think she went for a class to be trained in ‘simple ways to increase you employers blood pressure’ instead of ‘cleaning’.  Unlucky for her, she chose the wrong day to push my buttons.  Her contract will be terminated at the end of the month.  Lucky for me, I have a back up who I started training this week.

You know you’re grown up when you start wishing for good domestic help!

After the past month with my Ayi I have to publicly salute my Mom!  Growing up she supervised 1 cook, 1 house girl, 1 houseboy, 1 driver, 1 live in maid from India, 1 gardner and 2 watchmen.  I have no answers how she did it or how she managed to deal with all their issues 7 days a week BUT I am grateful she did.  Whoever says a stay at home mom doesn’t work was WRONG.  My mum works a full time job running our house smoothly, raising three kids and being on-call 24 hours a day.

Tomorrow is day 2 of training my new Ayi.  Hopefully she will be able to get used to the way I like things done quickly.



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The Dating Game

I was wrong about marriage.  I always thought once I got married I’d be over with the whole dating scene.  Little did I know!

Two years later I find myself at lunch nervously watching that I’m using my chopsticks correctly, not making a mess and worrying if they’ll like me us.  It was a first date all over again – a couple’s date.  Now it’s not just worrying if they’ll like me, they have to like both of us.

Our first couple’s date back in June was a disaster!   We didn’t have anything in common, they would randomly start speaking in Chinese and Sindhi (an Indian dialect I do not understand), burst out in to Indian songs and were just in different stages of life to us.  Needless to say, we never met again.  I was embarrassed to unexpectedly bump in to the wife last week. “Where’ve you been? Let’s meet for a coffee or dinner” was the first thing she said.  I sheepishly agreed to call and make a plan.

The experience stopped us wanting to meet new people. For the past few months we’ve been enjoying each other’s company without feeling the need to proactively meet people.  After being in a long distance relationship for four years it was nice spending all this time quality together.  But now we need friends!  There’s something about couple’s dating that even helps our relationship.  We have something to bond over when we get home at night and when we go for a “date” we always have each other to fall back on if it isn’t going well, so it’s not too bad.

Yesterday, five months later, we went on another  “first date”.  Mr. Fabulous and I had lunch with two other couples.  I was nervous the entire cab journey there.  Going somewhere to intentionally make friends was not something i’ve ever needed to do in the past.  When I moved to Dubai I already had friends and the longer I was there the more I made without really thinking about it.  It was a relief that lunch went well,  We all seemed to get on well, had similar interests and lots to talk about.

Now though it’s back to these questions:

“Should we call?’ or “should we wait for them to call?’

“Do you think we made the right impression?’

“Can we see ourselves spending weekends with them?’

“Should I add them on Facebook or is that too needy”

Hopefully, they liked us too, otherwise we’re going to question what that says about us as a couple.

“Are we boring?”

“Are we irritating?”

“Is there something wrong with us?’

I find as couples we are pickier now in what we look for in another couple than when we were looking for a mate.  In comparison to finding couple friends it seemed so simple finding Mr. Fabulous.  It all just fell in to place.

Let’s hope Mr. Fabulous and I made a good impression yesterday!  I think we just might have since they invited us to go see Akon in concert with them tonight.



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