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Hello world!

Hello World!  I don’t know who you are, where you are, what you do but WELCOME to MY little space.  I’m so glad you decided to stop by and read what I have to say.  For the past two months its just been Mr. Fabulous and I together.  Needless to say he’s had his fair share of torture hearing me speak A LOT and I started to feel he’s not interested (his eyes are constantly glued to his mac while I talk and it’s like he’s been programmed – if you hear noise just nod, she might eventually stop and go away).  That’s when I got the idea to start blogging.  A place to call MY very own where I can put down all my random thoughts.

Living in China we know no one, nada, zilch, not a soul – I think the closest friend is a 4 hour plane ride away in Singapore.  I needed a medium to channel my thoughts and freely speak my mind whenever I had the urge.  I have things to say just no one to say it to.  Here I will be writing about all the things I know (marriage, diets, fitness, family, friends, domestics and living life in a new place) and maybe sometimes I will just have a rant and complain for a bit.

Please do leave a comment if you like what you see here – it will make my day knowing there’s someone out there listening to me BUT if you don’t like what you see that’s also fine.  You just need to close the browser and it’ll be gone (no hard feelings).




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